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Richard Horsman's Modular Rack Planner

A project that i have been keeping an eye on for a while is Richard Horsman's Modular Planner.

The maker is trying create a multi-format modular planner application (for PC and Mac) that takes the best things of already existing (online and offline) rack-planners, like the DougCL Rackplanner , the Eurorack Database and ,with many added features of his own.

The feature list so far (with a LONG way to go) is....
Browse a 'modules' subfolder to pick a module to add.Preview the module's "drop zone" (see green in image above).Check it's not being dropped on top of another module (override will be available)Pick up and move a module to a new unoccupied locationDefine a rack structure (width, rows, columns, scaling)Track HP usageSave & load standard Rack Planner files
Video: RichyHo's Rack Planner - Video #2
" Best watched in full screen, HD. A better quality video demonstrating the main features of my current develop…

Raul Pena's Updated Modular Synthesizer Tutorials Survey

Raul Pena, known for his excellent Doepfer tutorial videos has recently updated his survey.

So, if you like Raul's video tutorials, and you have the time, please fill out Raul's new updated survey regarding information, and suggestions for future videos. (no sales or money involved)
Just information that will help guide the interest/content of upcoming videos.

Find the survey at

Thanks in advance for your participation!

Other places to find Raul's World of Synths on the Web
raulsworldofsynths on YouTube
raulsworldofsynths on Vimeo
raulsworldofsynths on SoundCloud
raulsworldofsynths at iTunes
raulsworldofsynths at CDBABY
*PS: Raul Pena is a PatchPierre Donor

Making a Sequence on the MAQ 16/3 Video Tutorials

I stumbled upon these two older videos this week, uploaded by the Dutch Martin Peters, or
In these tutorial videos he explains how he likes to program his Doepfer MAQ 16/3 sequencer.
Interesting and also nice-sounding...

Video 1: Making a sequence (Part 1/2)

Video 2: Making a sequence (Part 2/2)

" This is an attempt to try to show you how a sequence can be made.
I found out making an instruction video is not that easy but I just wanted to share this with you.
After making the video I noticed my voice was a bit soft so I tried to emphasis it with a little EQing; hope you can understand what I am saying.
I did not want to redo the video because it wouldn't be improvised anymore and I think the sequence worked out quite well.
Making sequences is not an exact science so this is just an example and I do not always do it as shown.
And I am not an expert in sequencing.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask."

Find more interesting synth-videos on his YouTu…

Doepfer A188-2 Video Tutorials by Raul Pena

Yay, Raul Pena is back with a brand new series, this time about the A-188-2 Tapped BBD Module.
Here are the first eight parts, the rest will follow as soon as they appear online.

Video 1: Doepfer A188-2 Tapped BBD Module
" Overview and description of the Features and functions of the A188-2 Tapped BBD Delay Module.Audio Demonstration found in next of series. Doepfer A188-2 High and Low Stages. Sound and Video by Raul Pena."

Video 2: Doepfer A188-2 High and Low Stages Part One

" Part One of the demonstration of the high and low stages of the A188-2 Tapped BBD Delay Module.Demonstration continued in Doepfer A188-2 High and Low Stages Part Two. Sound and Video by Raul Pena."

Video 3: Doepfer A188-2 High and Low Stages Part Two

" Part Two of the demonstration of the high and low stages of the A188-2 Tapped BBD Delay Module.Next segment in series Doepfer A188-2 Tapped BBD Delay Module Multiple Stages-Multiple Mixes .Sound and Video by Raul Pena."

Video 4: Doep…

Doepfer A-143-1 Demo by Hawklord2112

Doepfer user, eurorack fanatic and PatchPierre supporter Hawklord2112 recorded a nice video explaining the basics of the Doepfer A-143-1 (Quad) Complex Envelope Generator /LFO module.

Video: Doepfer A-143-1 Demo

"Some of the more basic features of the doepfer A-143-1 Complex Envelope / LFO module

Uploaded by  Follow hiawklord2112 on Twitter via

Doepfer Power Supplies

There are 2 types of transformers used in the existing standard Doepfer A-100 racks and cases.

If you are buying a secondhand A-100 rack, it might be useful to know how to distinguish the old transformer from the new version.

The newer version is a better version, more reliable and provides a steadier voltage that is better for your system, although i personally never heard any complaints about the old transformer besides the longer warming-up time.

The old power supply has a black or blue rectangular transformer, where the new power supplies have a round silver transformer.

For a period during the transition (about 2 years) the customers could order both versions.
In any case all A-100 cases manufactured later than early 2005 are equipped with the new power supply, and all cases manufactured until about of 2002 are equipped with the old version.
For cases manufactured in 2003 and 2004 it depends which version has been ordered by the customer.

In any case the new power supply can be…

Random Video: Orginaized Kaos

Another nice video of a Eurorack containing a lot of Doepfer Modules, found on YouTube
Video: Orginaized Kaos " Modular synth patch in the dark.
Patch info after request
LFO as clock drives Make Noise - René, Doepfer A-160 clock divider, A-155 sequencer
Drums sequenced by A-161 clock sequencer and A-166 logic module.
Drums - Analogue Solutions BD88, SD88, HH88.
Bas is A-111-5 (modular version of Dark Energy) sequenced by A-155 via A-156 Quantizer.
Melody is another A-111-5 sequenced by A-155 via A-156 Quantizer. but it is triggerd by trigger out from A-156, and it´s trigger signal goes via A-152 used as a switch clocked by A-160 clock divider so that it only comes in every 48 bar.
Clap sound - A-118 noise thru A-106-6 Xpander filter in bandpass to A-132 vca.
digital pitch sweep - A-112 triggered by clock sequencer and logic module. with a LFO controlling Tune.
Wobbel bas - A-106-1 Xtreme filter in self oscillation cut off frequency controlled by A-140 Envelope triggered by A-1…

Free Doepfer MAQ 16/3 Editor for iOS

Doepfer user Thorsten Boesing has developed a free editor for the Doepfer MAQ16/3 sequencer.

It is based on the MIDI control surface TouchOSC for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad:
I haven't tried it (yet) because i don't have any iProducts, but it looks like an interesting interface to control the MAQ sequencer.

At the push of a button you can easily change some of the MAQ's most used functions, that are sometimes hidden in the menu-structure of this hardware sequencer.

It even has a few extra's like the 'All steps on/off' and dedicated selection buttons for the most used modes (forward/backward, pendulum or random)

You can find the editor program at

Video: Doepfer MAQ16/3 Touch OSC Template for IPADTutorial

" I ve programmed a TOUCH OSC Template for Doepfer MAQ16/3 Analog Step Sequencer and a IPAD. If you use a ios Midiinterface you can edit your MAQ . You can download the template for free at and on do…

Random Video: Noodling on the Doepfer A100 Modular

I found this nice experimental video on YouTube, that only uses a few A-100 modules.
Not very spectacular, but impressive-sounding nevertheless.

Video: Noodling on Some Modules of Doepfer A100 Modular

"Percussive sounds by A-146 LFO2 module. Also in action: A-125 voltage control phaser and A-106-5 SEM analog filter.
Echoes by deluxe memory boy bbd analog delay."
Uploaded by dronesyn0